Momma Mary & Daddy Tom

UGH!!!! I miss them so much!!! Some days it seems like they really didn’t really exist and it was all a dream that I dreamed over and over again. I can’t help but look at them and the evolution of their lives, spanning some 81 years together. Daddy Tom died at 101, and Momma Mary at 104. Each of these photos captures mountains of history that I’ve only read about, yet they experienced as second nature. The first picture is dated Easter Sunday 1920. Could you imagine the racial tensions they faced on a daily basis living in Southern Arkansas in the roaring 20’s? By the time I arrived on the scene they both were nearly 90 years old, had raised 6 children, and 3 of their grandchildren. I don’t know what life was like with the younger versions of themselves…only what I’ve heard that Daddy Tom was a stern figure…one not to be crossed, but believed that his children should be educated in order to make it in life. Momma Mary was the quiet, yet very innovative one. She was the kind of quiet that one needed to hear…if that makes sense. They weren’t at all affectionate parents but you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they loved you and wanted the best for you. I just wish I coud have known how they really felt about themselves or their lives, their possible hopes passed, their fears. Everything about their lives seemed to revolve around providing for and tending to everyone else. It’s so funny to me know seeing the “young” version of Momma Mary–what was she thinking…did she have emotions that any 19 year old would have…or was she just filling the traditional role that she knew from early on was hers…Whatever they were thinking…however they felt…I sure do miss them and that lil green house across the tracks

Momma Mary and Daddy Tom


The Road Home


I recently took this picture on a visit home, to a small town in Southern Arkansas…literally a football field away from the Louisiana State Line. All of my 30+ years have revolved around this road…either going or coming…I always ended up back on this road. The more I looked at this picture and thought about my life, it made me realize that no matter where we go, what decisions we make…as long as we stay in the will of
God…we will always end up on the road that leads us home…to a comfortable place. True enough God has His own way of taking us out of our comfort zone to accomplish our ultimate purposes for being…but at the end of the day…I can always find the road home.

Quit Editing Yourself

Better Not Bitter

So I titled this post as if I’m telling you all to just flow with the script God gave you, but really I’m talking about myself.

Yesterday I had a very soberly dose of reality.  I attended a writer’s conference that I almost didn’t because of a number of minor excuses.  But boy am I glad that I did go!  The information was not only specifically what I needed to hear from the experts who spoke about writing memoirs and techniques to use in non-fiction writing, but the new folk I sat next to were by far the best reason to attend.

One young lady and I immediately hit it off. The ice breaker was original unsettling because as we found out, we both were introverts so the fact that we were required to walk around the whole area arm and arm telling one another a story about the other…

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Hello World!!

As you can see my name is Ebonee’ and I am totally new to this random life of blogging. My mind runs a million miles per minute so if you have OCD about things staying on task…this is my disclaimer and warning…you might want to RUN NOW!!! I like random stuff and random ideas and thoughts often pop in my head. Even in the things I totally despise of (such as cheddar cheese) I normally find something to like about it to help me get through…like the color of cheddar cheese…an almost perfect yellow/gold! Any who…hope I meet some more random people like myself who find that being normal is not at all a necessity to make it in life. Whoever ever told you that “you should just be normal” should totally have several seats in the front row of your life! Showtime Peeps! 2!